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Wizzleit is self-checking and gives instant feedback to your child

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There is an action picture
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An interactive math skills and concept
practice, teaching tool Perfect for use at
home or in the classroom

Some of the key concepts
and skills that are available

Many more in the app...

About us

LinkedUpLearning provides diverse tools and applications to help students build up strong understanding of Mathematics concepts and skill. Not only this, but the online math applications from LinkedUpLearning are devised to help teachers deliver their syllabus with more efficacy through the modern and interactive mobile and web technology.

Our passion for mathematics and our agenda to encourage its easy understanding around the globe; is behind our development principles to cover every aspect of mathematics from pre-school to post school. We aim to enable teachers and parents to craft syllabuses that keep the student engaged and increase their mathematical skills.

Available Grades
for all age group

P:: 4-5


Age group: 4-5

K:: 5-6


Age group: 5-6

G1:: 6-7

Grade 1

Age group: 6-7

G2:: 7-8

Grade 2

Age group: 7-8

G3:: 8-9

Grade 3

Age group: 8-9

New Grades to be added. To register for notification for your Grade Contact Us

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